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In this Photo The new VITO VM frying oil filter in fryer

An innovation follows the next one VITO AG presents the VITO VM frying oil filter, the successor of the VITO 50. VITO AG from Tuttlingen, Germany, begins the new year with a product innovation. After having announced the VITO VL frying oil filter in September 2021, which was very well received on the market, the successor model to the VITO 50 will be presented in February. The portable frying oil filters can be put directly into the fryer and they remove all particles from the oil, allowing it to be used much longer. With the automatic pressure filtration of the VM, the device can filter 60 liters of frying oil per minute and removes particles up to 5µ. Due to that, restaurant and kitchen operators can save up to 50% of their frying oil, they additionally benefit from less cleaning effort and the best quality of their fried food. In addition, the reduced consumption of frying oil has a positive effect on the environment.

The name VITO VM resulted from the frying oil filter being the medium-sized model of all portable devices. The device comes with a lot of new features. In addition to the redesign, which gives the compact filter a yellow handle, a new control panel and a modified filter lid, the VM is now also much smarter. One of the most significant innovations is the integrated software VITOconnect, which is also integrated into the VL. With this innovative technology, restaurant operators can now connect their frying oil filter to the local Wi-Fi and lead their kitchen into a new era. After having registered the VITO, the intelligent monitoring begins. Kitchen operators can now have remote access to detailed information regarding the usage of VITO using their smartphone, tablet or computer - everywhere and anytime. The software allows seamless documentation and, therefore, maximum cost control.

Besides the easy handling, which is known for the VITO frying oil filters, the VITO VM has one additional benefit. A QR code on the electrical unit leads directly to a product-specific website. On there customers can receive information on all matters related to their device within a short time. Handling and service questions can be answered in no time, and filter paper can be easily re-purchased on the website. This is what makes the frying oil filter even more user-friendly.

A chance to have a first look at the brand-new device is given at the upcoming Internorga trade show in Hamburg this March. The black and yellow booth of VITO AG is located in hall B7, booth number 211.

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