Authentic Lebanese food in Dubai

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In this Photo Chef Omar Harbaly, Al Safadi and Lorena Schmidt, VITO AG

We have an exciting story to share with you straight from the heart of Dubai's culinary scene. A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of sitting down with Chef Omar Harbaly, the Executive Group Chef of Al Safadi Restaurant, to uncover the secrets behind their renowned Lebanese dining experience. At Al Safadi, authenticity is at the core of everything they
do. Stepping into their oldest Dubai branch, you are immediately transported to the vibrant streets of Lebanon, where the aroma of traditional dishes fills the air. Chef Omar has been with Al Safadi since its opening in the year 2000, proudly overseeing the first branch in Dubai from day one. Today, as the Executive Group Chef, he manages the culinary operations across all Al Safadi restaurants.

One of the key elements that sets Al Safadi apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. Not only when it comes to the ingredients, but of course also in preparation and maintenance. One step to achieve the highest quality for their fried products, is to rely on the patented VITO frying oil filter. While the cost savings are undoubtedly important, Chef Omar emphasizes that the primary reason for using VITO is to ensure the utmost quality in their dishes. They are using gas fryers and do seperate frying, ensuring that each dish keeps its unique flavor. The technique of double frying is their secret weapon to achieve the extra crunchiness that their customers love. When it comes to the choice of oil, Al Safadi swears by pure sunflower oil for all their dishes, from the crispy falafel, to fried cheese rolls and spiced potate bites.

In fact, Al Safadi has been using VITO filters for over a decade now. With seven fryers at their Dubai branch, Al Safadi can handle substantial frying quantities. In the central kitchen, which is upstairs, they prepare most of their dishes and deliver them not only to other branches but also do catering across the city. A dedicated team of about 70 skilled chefs, working in separate kitchen departments in day and night shifts, ensure that the flavors of Lebanon are always brought to life.

With five branches and nearly 900 employees altogether, they have become a beloved culinary stop in the UAE. And exciting news is on the horizon as they are preparing to open a new branch in Abu Dhabi, bringing the taste of Lebanon to even more eager food enthusiasts. At all Al Safadi restaurants, it's not just about serving delicious food; it's about creating an experience that transports you to the streets of Beirut, which our team was able to experience on site!


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