Customer Story: German inn Waldeck chooses VITO

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In this Photo Fabian Rochira, VITO AG and Regina Herrmann, Waldeck

Regina Herrmann, the proud owner of the Waldeck, an inn in Southern Germany, beams when she talks about her restaurant. With its rustic atmosphere and a menu that delights lovers of traditional cuisine—from steaming Käsespätzle to hearty Schwabenteller — her restaurant has firmly established itself in the region.

Despite the challenges of the past year, including a VAT increase in Germany, the Landgasthof has persevered. The demand for their dishes remained consistently high, whether for cozy family gatherings or other festive occasions.

In the kitchen of Waldeck, a dedicated team of 6 to 7 permanent employees and up to 20 part-time workers keep things running smoothly. When it comes to deep fryers, the team prioritizes quality and efficiency. With a fryer with two 8-liter tanks, they change the oil once every week. A few years ago, they introduced the VITO frying oil filter—a recommendation from a colleague who recognized the benefits of cleaner, longer-lasting oil.

Since adopting VITO, a lot has changed at the inn. The built-in filtration of their existing fryer was supplemented by the VITO 30, and it quickly became clear that this was a smart investment. The kitchen staff easily adapted to the new processes and appreciate the extended lifespan of their frying oil. "With the filtration, our oil lasts almost twice as long!" Regina Herrmann tells us. These savings are especially noticeable in their budget.

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