Fry today - Filter for our tomorrow

The use of VITO in the catering industry contributes to waste prevention through less waste oil and reduced packaging consumption. The scope of the VITO effect extends to the protection of the rainforest. Lower demand for agricultural goods reduces the need for arable land, reduces soil destruction and contributes to the preservation of a vital environment and diverse wildlife.


Reduces soil destruction by sparing the usage of arable land.
Less water for irrigation is needed.

Less waste

  • less waste oil, which require extensive and expensive disposal work
  • less use of plastic
  • used cellulose filters completely biodegradable

The use of VITO does not cause pollution

Lower CO2 emissions

  • reduced frying oil demand, as up to 50% can be saved by VITO
  • less emissions from production, transport, packaging
  • after only 5.5 weeks of use of VITO, the CO2 balance is positive

nature Protection of the rainforest

  • demand for agricultural goods reduced
  • less need of acreage
  • contribution to the preservation of a vital environment, as well as a unique wildlife

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